March 9, 2009

Mom's renovations and stuff

I think this whole daylight savings time effected me today...or maybe it was the 5 hour nap I took yesterday afternoon that threw me off. I'm ready to watch 24, but Terence is in class and won't be home for another hour. Speaking of Terence, I am so proud of my honey...he studied so hard the past couple of weeks for his finals and he did so good! He made and A- in his advanced finance class and placed #3 out of 37 students for his final grade! I hope our kids get his brain! LOL! He also has his cap and gown ordered so come early May school is DONE! Yippeee!!!

I need to get some cute (but not girlie) graduation invites. Does anyone have a suggestion on a cute website or place I can order something? Probably no more than 30-40 invitations and I don't want to spend a whole lot of money either....because after all we are still on a budget!

My mom is re-modeling her house right now and every day she has a new update. She's been texting us lots of pictures. When Bon and I go home in a couple weeks I don't know if we will recognize the house we grew up in! I'm so glad my mom is FINALLY able to get the kitchen and bathroom of her dreams...she deserves it so much! Here are a few pictures, the quality is not great because they are from my cell phone.

Here is the kitchen before, with the old blue/yellow walls and border as well as the laminate counter tops.

New black granite and there will be a tile black splash and a "latte" colored wall...also the popcorn ceiling has gone bye-bye!

I think this is going above the cabinets somewhere

Mom's new organized closet!

New bathroom with shower. Before there was just a bathtub/shower combo. The bathroom is probably the biggest re-model. Mom has always wanted a jet tub. The bathroom was COVERED in ancient floral wallpaper and I'm so glad it's gone!


b is for brown said...

omg! it looks so nice! i cannot wait for YOU to see it either. xo

Kendra said...

How nice!!

junebug said...

That's great that Terence did so well on his tests!!

You might try Inscriptions on Camp Bowie for invitations. I haven't been there but I know someone who works there and I know they have really cute stationary and stuff.

I'm glad your mom is getting to remodel her home. Sounds like it's going to be really nice! Be sure and take pics of her kitchen when you go to visit. It sounds like it'll be really cool once it's all done.

Hey, I almost sent you a text when we were in the hospital this weekend w/ the baby but I guess I forgot. I was totally stressed out and overtired all weekend... but luckily the hosp. has a Starbucks downstairs. I think that's what kept me alive for a couple days there. We need to hang out soon. Maybe this weekend?!

Anonymous said...

Wow, those are some nice updates!

Jacquie said...

Last night's 24 was HARD on me!! I cried about Bill!!

Good for Terence and his finals! I bet he's ready to be DONE.

I love your Mom's remodel jobs. I'm a tad bit jealous.

Tiffany Norris said...

I think Supablogga ( did some at one point, and I think she still does custom stuff.

Nicole M Wood said...

WOW, is your Dad doing all this? She is one lucky lady. I am sure she is going to be excited to have her girls home...

Nicole M Wood said...

WOW, is your Dad doing all this? She is one lucky lady. I am sure she is going to be excited to have her girls home...