October 19, 2008

Saturday in Dallas

So after the soccer game Terence and I went to Dallas for the day just to spend some time together. We went to the eyeglasses place first to get T's new glasses adjusted. In the store they had Sarah Palin's eyeglasses on display and so Terence wanted me to try them on. It was pretty funny, but they did NOT look good on me! ha..ha..

It was a very long day and we went a LOT of places. We went around to some shops and then stopped for lunch at this little local burger place. It was pretty good, they had some interesting poppy seed buns. Then we went to go look for a new desk chair. Terence spends a lot of time in the desk chair so we are searching for something a little more comfortable. We did get some ideas. After that we headed to North Park mall where Jessica Simpson was doing a signing in Dillard's for her new perfume. Her face was pasted everywhere in Dillard's! It was crazy! Unfortunately, we had just missed all the madness so we didn't see her. I think she was in town for the state fair promoting her new country album. I got some new shoes at Nordtrom and they are so comfy! That's the only thing I bought all day and I don't think Terence got anything???

We both LOVE this lamp from Restoration Hardware...taking mental notes for our house!!! I've got all these decorating ideas in store to blog about someday!
For dinner we headed to The Cheesecake Factory and ate ourselves silly, then got some Godiva cheesecake to go and we headed home. It was great to spend the day with my love and I had a lot of fun! Back to work tomorrow.....booooooooo


Anonymous said...

I'm glad ya'll were able to get out and spend some time together. Every couple needs that!! So wish you would've seen JS though - I love that crazy girl (well, love-hate)...

BTW, where are the pictures of the new shoes??

Glitter and Bliss said...

I love your glass lamp too... I looks like you guys had a great couple time.

Summer and Adam said...

Such a cute pic of y'all. I love that lamp too!!!!

Suzanne said...

Sounds like fun!! I went to Dallas this weekend too!!