September 11, 2008


Wow! Seven years since 9-11...that is crazy! I hope you all have had a chance to reflect today and realize how blessed we are to live in this country and remember all those who died.

I'll never forget the day because Terence and I were JUST married the month before. We were settling into our little house on the Air Base, and at the time never thought there would be a war. Not atleast while HE was in the military. I was awake first that morning and was just flipping through the channels and all I saw was the breaking news of what was happening. I ran to the bedroom to get Terence and woke him up to come take a look. He couldn't believe it..and the only thing he said was "Yep, I think we are going to war".

My heart just sunk because it never occurred to me this would even happen or even what was happening. It was just so sad! Thus the long journey began in the military.....sometimes it would take me over an hour just to get home because of the car inspections, dogs that sniffed your car, and the hummers with the m-16's on them were quite scary! Everything changed in the military after that and it was so strict, which I can understand.....I'm just thankful that we had an okay experience, we made lots of friends, and made memories we'll never forget. Sometimes I even miss military life!

I believe what we are doing overseas is right, all those people and their families deserve some justice. If 9-11 taught you one thing it's to never take one day for did 9-11 effect you and what do you remember about it?
Here are some pics of Terence in Iraq.....I just thought I would share some because they are pretty interesting!
Honey in his desert camo


Tent city
Sleeping quarters
graffiti on buildings

Shipments of food and water

oil refineries

Bags of fuel (Terence fueled C-130 cargo planes in the Air Force)
Fuel was actually a big target. 

 If it was hit with gunfire then it would cause an explosion so they aimed for these bags a lot!


Amy (Metz) Walker said...

wow, those pictures...

I remember exactly where I was, down to the pajamas I was wearing when I woke up that day!

preppy little dress said...

i know hard to believe! great post, thanks for sharing!

preppy little dress said...

i know hard to believe! great post, thanks for sharing!