June 16, 2008

Fun Wedding Weekend!

This weekend was a great weekend and very BUSY! I decided to drive home on Friday after I got off work at 5:00 to go see one of my really good friends (Beth) from highschool get married. I originally wasn't going to go, but I decided I couldn't miss it! After a couple hours in Dallas rush hour traffic and several of these...

and about 4 more hours I made it! I got there so late!
I spent Friday night with our good friends Kristin and Nate and their three kiddos. Saturday morning, Abby, the two year old woke me up at 6:00 am with all five of her care-bears and laid in bed with me for awhile. It was so cute! I love them!
We just relaxed Saturday afternoon before getting ready for the wedding that night. It was such a pretty wedding and I'm so happy for Beth that she found a wonderful guy to spend the rest of her life with!

Then...Saturday night I went to my Mom and Dad's house around 10:30. My Mom knew I was coming home, but we didn't tell my Dad because I wanted to surprise him for Father's day! He answered the door when I got there and it was so funny because he was in complete shock! ha..ha...he was grinning ear to ear and said he was so happy I was there :)
Sunday he sang in a men's choir ensemble at church and they did so good! Then we ate lunch and I headed back on the road again! Now I'm here and exhausted ya'll! My pillow is calling my name again.....



Mr Pineapples said...


I see

soleil said...

Oh wow. That is so cool that you just drove on up there for the weekend! How fun! Congrats to your friend!!

Chas said...

Fun, fun, fun...I love weddings :).

Chas said...

Fun, fun, fun...I love weddings :).