February 13, 2008

Okay! We officially have a new working computer and we just got our new license plates in today! Progress people...PROGRESS! I have been dying without my computer!

Tomorrow night we head home to AR! Yippppeeeee!!! I get soooo homesick sometimes. We are looking forward to visiting with Kristin, Nate, and the kids...and seeing little baby Lane. Also, can't wait to see my Mom and Dad too! I wish my sister was going to be there :(

I guess we'll be spending Valentine's day on the road tomorrow night. That is fine with me because there is no other place I'd rather be than home and I think I'll enjoy a 6 hour car ride with my honey. He just came in here and said "you're not going to fall asleep on me tomorrow night right?" He hates it when I sleep in the car while he's driving. I'll try to stay awake...I guess that mean a run to Starbucks on the way...he...he....

Hope everyone has a LOVE-ely Valentine's DAY!

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