February 25, 2008

I guess I'm an "official" Texan now!
After three weeks of waiting for it to get here in the mail it finally arrived!
The pic is not too bad, but I still think I have a double chin???!!!


The Browns said...

I'm jealous! I went to the DMV here & waited 2 hours, only to get up to the front desk & they wouldn't give it to me b/c my social security still had my maiden name on it. So, I filled out the application online to get a new one & sent off all my info, only to get it returned to me with a letter saying they could no longer do it by mail & I would have to physically go in to the ONLY SS office here in Las Vegas where you can get a new card. So, yesterday I went to that office and waited ANOTHER 2 hours for a SS card & I should be getting it in a week or two. THEN I can get my driver's license. Okay, that is my sob story about trying to get mine. I will tell you one thing, the DMV's in Arkansas were HEAVEN compared to the ones here in Vegas!!! WAAAAA!

dandelion dust said...

One of the best driver license pics I have ever seen! Looks great! And you do not look like you have a double chin!