January 6, 2007

New Year!

Well, Christmas is over and a new year is here. We had a wonderful Christmas with Nannie and Papa, Mom, Dad, Aunt Karli and Uncle Gary, Lindsey, Bonnie and Jason. We ate WAY too much food for our own good! It was a wonderful time at Nannie and Papa's. We watched movies, ate, slept, watched more movies, ate, slept! It is so peaceful and nice at the farm. Papa has been sick. They found out he has cancer in his kidney, so everyone pray for my sweet precious Papa. He had surgery on Jan. 4th to remove it and we are praying for a great recovery and healing for Papa! Keep him in your prayers....
Terence has been out of school for about a month now. He's resting up for this next semester for which he will be taking 21 hours! oh my! He'll need it! He made straight A's again last semester and is keeping his 4.0! I am so very proud of you honey!
Terence's parents flew us to Texas for New Years weekend and we celebrated Christmas with his family. We had a great time there too. We got to visit everyone and do our family Christmas celebration. We are both so blessed to have such wonderful families. We got to go to the Cheesecake Factory before Terence's parents dropped us off at the airport. That is the best restaurant ever! I am craving a Godiva cheesecake right now! Thanks for such a wonderful visit.
We have been busy lately and I am so excited for this next year:
Terence will be graduating from school FINALLY!!!
We may possibly be moving
Lots of changes in store for this next year. Everyone keep us in your prayers as we make some big decisions! Much love and Happy New Year! Becky

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