February 24, 2006

Television memories...

This week has gone by so fast. I guess it helps starting out the week on Tuesday! I am starting to miss my tv. Since Terence and I moved to Maumelle we haven't had cable. Anyone who knows me knows that I was an HGTV/food network junkie! I get to hear all my friends and co-workers talk about what they watched on American Idol or Dancing with the Stars the night before and then suddenly I find myself out of the loop! And then I start to think geesh was that all I ever talked about too? TV? And then I think to myself tv really is over-rated. It's amazing how much of your life you are missing when you are absorbed in the tube. I have seen Terence and I grow closer because we aren't daily entrapped in what is going to be showing that evening....instead we plan our nights on what we can do for eachother and with eachother. Of course I don't have time to think of tv much because I work the majority of the day! But I am glad that I find myself now days living for myself and not around the television. I thought I would miss it, but even some of the shows I thought I couldn't live without have become a memory....and maybe someday I will get cable again...but I have promised myself (and for Terence) that I will never revolve my life around that big black BOX we call TV!!!

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